• "I LOVE everything that I've tried from Bombton Bath bombs."

  • "I have used many of bombton bath bombs products, and I love them all."

  • " It is so refreshing and relaxing, and it’s gentle on my skin"

  • "Amazing is all I can say!!!They make my skin feel so clean and soft."

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Bath Bombs.

With our bath bombs, we use all natural ingredients that are not only great for your skin but also contain essential oils to promote relaxation. We don't use any artificial colorants or synthetic ingredients so you can be sure there is nothing harmful being put into your body.

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Shower Bombs.

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Facial Mists, Room Sprays and Hair Repair Sprays. Theres a little something for everyone!

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Gift Boxes.

Bundle up a save with a bathbomb gift box. These bathbombs are unique and unlike anything you will find anywhere else.

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Using nothing but organic or ethically sourced natural ingredients.

  • Natural Ingredients

    Using nothing but organic or ethically sourced natural ingredients.

  • Essential Oils

    We use essential oils instead of fragrance oils.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    We use environmentaly concious materials in our products and packaging.

  • Locally Made

    Made in British Columbia, Canada.